25 September 2012


Pimp up XFCE 4.10 in Fedora 17

The default look of the XFCE desktop in Fedora 17, is a little boring, but this post, show how to pimp it up to look really great.
I started with a standard XFCE 4.8 Fedora installation and upgraded to XFCE 4.10 using

I have setup a single panel in the top of the screen there looks like this:

Start the pimping

Install some new icons

sudo yum install faenza-icon-theme

Install a new theme

sudo yum install zukitwo-\*-theme

Make Icons and theme active

  • Select Settings -> Apperance  from main menu

  • Set Style to Zukitwo
  • Set Icons to Faenza

  • Select Settings -> Windows Manager

  • Set Style to Zukitwo

Setup the top panel

  • Right-Click on top panel and select Panel -> Panel Preferences

  • Select the Apperance tab.
  • Set Alpha to 25

  • Select Items tab
  • Select each separator and set the style to Transparent

  • Select the Window Buttons settings.
    • Uncheck Show button labels
    • Check Show flat buttons
    • Uncheck Show Handle

Change the wallpaper

yum install verne-backgrounds-extras-xfce

  • Select Settings -> Desktop
  • Select verne-skye.jpg  as background

Add a dock to the left side of the screen

  • Right-Click on the top panel and select Panel -> Panel Settings
  • Click on the big + to make a new panel.
  • Set Mode to Deskbar
  • Set Lenght to 20%
  • Check Automatically increase the length

  • Select the Apperance tab
    • Set Alpha to 25.

  • Drag the panel  it to the right side of the screen.
  • Add lauchers by dragging them from the main menu in the top panel

  • After adding launchers, open the Panel Settings
  • Check Lock Panel
  • Check Automatically show and hide the panel.

The Result