12 June 2011


Auto hide gnome-shell top bar

I have made packages for a nice little gnome-shell extension by Finnbarr P. Murphy, to make it possible to auto hide the top bar.

Install it with (as root):
yum install http://timlau.fedorapeople.org/files/gnome-shell/extensions/\

logon/logoff to load the plugin (or restart the gnome shell with Alt-F2 and type 'r' + Enter)

Double click on a blank part of the gnome-shell top bar to turn auto hide on/off.

Fedora review request here


  1. Thanks a lot for the package, i've been waiting for this functionality in gnome-shell since quite long.
    On a side note seeing the sheer number of gnome-shell-extensions, i think its high time the devs develop an extension manager for gs

  2. @pankaj The lastest version of gnome-tweek-tool (3.0.4) has the feature to enable & disable extentsion, but it is not yet updated in Fedora. I have a package here you can try out.

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  4. Is there a way to move the top bar to the bottom (or left or right)?

  5. @question I don't think so, the current top panel is currently not designed to be placed in the bottom or side of the screen

  6. Before installing gnome3, I had glx-dock instead of gnome2 panels and I have to say I liked the unobtrusive way it behaved.
    Don't know if it's possible to be ported to a gnome-shell extension, but it would be a great feature hiding the top bar when overlaps any window or instead only the active window.

  7. I think my greatest annoyance with GNOME 3 was having to look at that bar. Blue hats off to you. Been using this for just a few minutes, and I'm awfully pleased. I ran over to fedoraforum to post a link to this under http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=264623

  8. @josnog
    I use Avant-window-navigator to get extra bars with more control.

  9. Thanks for this great tool especially for small screen environments!

    Let me suggest you to _hide_ the top panel by default and instead _show_ the top panel by default in the Activities overview.

    The current rendering when autounhiding the top panel is not really well performing, does not look very nice.


  10. Nice extension a little buggy on my system. How do I remove it.

  11. type this (as root):
    yum remove gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar
    To remove it