10 June 2011


gnome-shell themes (part2)

I have extended the theme selector by F. P. Murphy to show more themes in the overview and to show system wide themes.

Download the rpm here

Install it with (as root)
yum install gnome-shell-extensions-theme-selector-0.9-2.fc15.noarch.rpm

the package no longer contains any themes, but i have made separate rpm packages for many great themes made by half-left.

The theme rpm's can also be used with the latest version of gnome-tweak-tool (3.0.4) (Not in fedora yet, but i have an rpm here)

the theme-selector extension cant reset to the default theme, this can be dome by running
gsettings reset org.gnome.shell.extensions.user-theme name


here are review requests for getting the packages into fedora.

Feel free to review the packages :)






  1. I'm missing the dark glass theme in your list

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