14 May 2011


Playing with Gnome shell themes

A while ago stumbled over a blog with a lot of info about gnome-shell extensions.

Frank Murphy has made an theme selector extension to easy preview and select some great gnome-shell themes done by half-Left

After some testing of this great extension I have some packages for Fedora 15 to make it easier to install and test.

You just have to do this (as root):
yum install http://timlau.fedorapeople.org/files/packages/theme-selector/gnome-shell-extensions-theme-selector-0.9-1.fc15.noarch.rpm --nogpg

then run (as your normal user):

there will link the included themes into ~/.themes.
Then you need to press ALT-F2 and type r to restart the gnome-shell and you are up and running.

Now you can activate the Overview an select the Themes button to show the theme-selector page and start to select new themes.


  1. Hey superb post.
    saved a lot of time figuring out a way to change the theme.
    couldnt change till now will try new themes now
    thanks dude

  2. Great stuff, thanks for the rpm for the theme selector!

    One thing I couldn't figure out though: the default theme doesn't seem to be an option in the themes pane, which seems a bit odd!

  3. Thanks, its really useful.
    one problem though, I cant change back to default.

  4. The default theme is called 'Adwaita' and can be selected from the overview.

  5. http://up352.siz.co.il/up2/yzgyhromwzjg.png
    Thats what I get. (Ignore the language and the right to left)
    The default isnt included...

  6. Can't see any themes under the Themes overview... Please help.

    When I got to /root/.themes I see the folders there though

    [root@localhost ~]# theme-selector-setup
    User themes are now linked into /root/.themes
    [root@localhost ~]# cd /root/.themes/
    [root@localhost .themes]# ls
    Adwaita ANewHope Atolm DarkGlass DeviantArt Elementary SmoothInsert

    Please help...

  7. @Pritesh
    I have clarified the text a little.

    You have to run 'theme-selector-setup' as your normal user :)

  8. Thank you very much. Works great!

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