7 November 2010

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Yum Extender 3.0.0 released

I am proud to anounce the release of Yum Extender 3.0.0 with a lot of new features and optimizations.


  • Don't ask for root password more than one

  • Make load of metadata more dynamic, first load packages lists, history, groups etc. when we need it.

  • Optimized frontend package caching

  • Better progress and more info when getting packages and populate the package view

Package information:

  • Show updateinfo for all packages, not just updates

  • Show all updateinfo records, not just the last one

  • Added Click-able Project URL on package Description view to open project homepage in a browser

  • Added Click-able Bugzilla links to open bugzilla reports in a browser

  • Added package info page with package dependency informations

  • Updateinfo in separate view like changelog / filelist


  • Added search options to select the fields to search in

  • Added search while typing on packages, if more 3 chars has been entered and there is only one word

  • Added typeahead search toggle button (left of search entry)

  • Pressing Esc will clear the package search entry and undo current search

  • Show both installed and update for same package in a search

  • Show old version of a installonly packages in a search


  • Added better history transaction package view.

  • Added History transaction search

Queue/Command line commands:

  • Added 'install xxx' and 'remove yyy' commands on queue page. it gives the same result as
    yum install xxx and yum remove yyy

  • Add completion entry for queue commands.

  • add support for command line commands.
    - 'yumex foobar' will search for 'foobar'
    - 'yumex <action> foobar' : (<action> = [install, remove, update, downgrade, reinstall] )
    - It will populate the pending action queue, based on the action

  • Added -X (--execute) to automatic process actions from command line commands.

  • Added -y (--yes) to disable transaction dialog and "Do you want to exit" dialog (to be used with -X)


Fix translation issues with gtkbuilder strings.

Read more information about yumex in the documentation

Get yumex from updates-testing for F13,F14.
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install yumex


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