4 February 2011

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Gnome3 first look

I have for a while wanted to test Gnome3 the future of gnome, there have been a lot of blog not very fond of it, so i wanted to try it with an open mind.

So for a couple of weeks I have run with the gnome-shell preview in Fedora 14 on my work laptop. gnome shell alone was not good enough for me to getting things done, but after installing Docky it was much better, easier access to fequently used apps and easier application switching. And adding a new better looking theme from here and I had a useful system to getting thing done and good looking.

Yesterday I participated in Gnome3 TestDay using a livecd made for testday. I didn't hit any mayor errors but there was some issues.

  • No icons on the workspace (I can live with that, but it will for hard for some)

  • The symbolic icons, there is a lot cool icons designers out there, so I don't understand why not to use colors.

  • There missing configuration options. there new settings tool are to limited and the idea that the ui designers now what is best for you, don't get to many points in my book.

    • Standby has never worked on my laptop


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