24 February 2011


My Fedora 15 Alpha RC1 Installation

I have just updated my Fedora 15 RC1 test installation with the latest Gnome 2.91.90 packages.
First is was struck by this error, but after downloading and installing some updated packages from Koji, I was up and running.

Here is some screenshots, There is a little special feature on my system, see if you can find it :)

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The button launcher is not part of Gnome3, it is docky :)


  1. Something I was annoyed for the few minutes I tested the live image generated for the test days was the fact that some name are uncomplete: with "..." (in itself I am fine with this) but you cannot get the complete name even when hovering over with the mouse. I hope this will come :-)

    After it looks nice and fancy, time will say if I will use it for work.

  2. Me too, so I have opened this bug

  3. Thanks for the pointer, I looked for one but I guess just before you created yours.

  4. Looks interesting. But isn't docky redundant with the bar on the left?

  5. Some of the functionality is redundant, but it easier to use in the bottom of the screen, so you don't have to bring up the overview all the time.
    Docky is cool looking and can be configured in many way, and there is nothing you call configure in gnome-shell, without changing the css & js files. :(

  6. Very nice. My fallback plan is to use AWN for my dock. I will try the stock settings in gnome3 but if it affects my workflow too much then I've got a plan.

    I plan to configure AWN to use just two "applets"; the task manager and workspace switcher (slickswitcher). Now all I need to do is figure out how to force gnome-shell to leave 4 empty workspaces open.

    This is it here in F14:

  7. Looks nice, but I think you might have some trouble by the dynamic way the gnome3 handle workspaces :)