9 August 2011


Eyecandy and 3D effects in XFCE

This is a little guide to get Compiz up and running in XFCE in Fedora 15

  • Install the needed packages (as root)
    yum install ccsm compiz-manager emerald emerald-themes compiz-gtk compiz

  • select 'Preferences -> Settings Manager'

  • select 'Session and Startup'

  • select 'Application Autostart' tab

  • select the 'Add' button

  • type 'compiz-manager' in Name and Command

  • Logout & Logon and compiz should start

  • Use 'Perferences -> Emerald Theme Manager' to select the window theme to use.

  • Use 'Perferences -> CompizConfig Settings Manager' to configure the compiz plugins to use.