26 October 2011

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Themes for gnome-shell 3.0 not working in gnome-shell 3.2

It looks like all my gnome-shell-theme-xxxx-1.0 packages does not work in gnome-shell 3.2.
If you use them then gnome-shell will hang if you are doing a search in the overview.
the atolm & smooth-inset has been updated by upstream and I have updated the packages.

If you can't wait for them to hit the repositories, you can find updated rpms here.
There is also 3 new ones not in Fedora (Yet)



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  1. Hello,

    A few months ago I created a review request for Elementary theme.


    The spec file is based on yours. Currently, I need to update this theme. Can you review it? Or, you can take this package, if you want. In this case, I can close this review request without problems :)